What is "Ministry"?

It is common for churches to talk about their "ministries", but what does that actually mean?


The term 'ministry' comes from a Latin word that means 'service.' God's Word teaches us that we were created to glorify and enjoy God as we serve Him.  But because of humanity's fall into sin we have all become self-serving by nature.  Now, it is God who must first serve us. The good news of the gospel is that God drew near to us, who were running away from Him, to minister to us, freeing us from living for ourselves to serve Him and our neighbors instead.


It is our high privilege and pleasure to be used by God to minister to others in Jesus name, whether by word (teaching) or by deed (helping). What you will find below are descriptions of ways Jesus Christ uses us to serve others on His behalf.

Family Ministry

We believe that the the church's primary calling when it comes to families and children is to equip parents to bring up their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). We look to create opportunities for families to come together for fun and discipleship rather than establishing a typical 'youth group.' We want our young people to develop friendships with each other under the maturing influence of parents and to prevent a youth sub-culture from developing, which tends to relationally divide the young from the older and wiser members of our community.   

Men's Ministry

Our men enjoy studying God's Word together on a bi-weekly basis.  The discussions are lively and provide an opportunity for young and old men alike to talk candidly about their spiritual need and to gain wisdom from God's Word through this fellowship.  There are other gatherings that take place regularly in less formal and spontaneous ways among the men in the congregation, which we strongly encourage.  

Women's Ministry

If you are looking to connect with other women who know their need of God's grace and want to grow in the knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ while also developing friendships with other women, you will find that here at Covenant Grace. The women meet once a month to study a book or watch a video by biblically sound and trusted teachers.  You will also find women who like to gather informally to share their struggles and enjoy friendly conversation together, which we always encourage. 

Diaconal Ministry

Perhaps the word 'diaconal' is new to you.  But it is a term that has been in use for a long time.  It simply refers to the work of a deacon, which is one of the callings or offices in the church.  A deacon is gifted and officially set apart in the local church to lead the people of God in showing off the mercy and compassion of Jesus to those who are in physical distress.


We want to look for opportunities to follow our Savior Jesus Christ's example by "going about doing good" to those in need (Acts 10:38).  There are regular opportunities for people to give financially and to serve in this way.      

Local Outreach

We seek to reach our neighbors in Roseburg and Douglas County, who have been spiritually misled or underfed by offering open classes on biblical or theological themes and topics related to the Christian life.


We also believe that it is vitally important for us to reach the spiritually lost, not by waiting for them to come to us, but by going into the neighborhoods of our city to meet people where they are at.  There are occasional opportunities for members of our church to go out with Pastor Jeff, doing the work of evangelism.     

Global Outreach

We participate in the global mission of Jesus Christ, make disciples of all the nations of the earth, through the OPC's Committee on Foreign Missions.  We have active mission fields in China, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Haiti, Quebec, Uganda, Ukraine, and Uruguay.  Exploratory efforts and blossoming partnerships with indigenous churches are underway in Austria, Columbia, Switzerland, and Vietnam.  There are many opportunities for members of our church to participate in foreign missions through our Short-term Mission Program or as year-long missionary associates on our active fields.